Two Vegas Guys have decided to team up and give you the best of the best about Vegas! Davey "The Showkiller" Diaz and Donald Spalding are your host for Adventure Vegas Insider. This episode is packed with tons of insider information you won't find anywhere else!!!


Binion's Hotel Casino welcomes you back to Downtown Las Vegas.  This is our second episode of many where we cover the historic Downtown Las Vegas! Binion's has some unique things to offer!  How would you like to stand with $1,000,000?  Well you can do that here!!!  Check out all the history this property has to offer too!  As usual find out some insider tips in this episode you won't hear anywhere else!

We started at the South end of the Las Vegas Strip and are working our way down the strip to the North end, then take you into Downtown Vegas. We are also going to take you off the strip too and let you know about hidden gems in Vegas along with the spots where locals go!  


In Episode 35 we make our way to historic Downtown Las Vegas and give you the 411 about entertainment at El Cortez Hotel and Casino with including all of Fremont East Entertainment District.


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